20+ Confusing Pics That Might Be Difficult to Find Answers For

2 years ago

Some scenes make us look twice and ask ourselves if logic works the same for everyone. “Irony” is a state of affairs that is strange or funny because what we see is contrary to what we expected.

And to show it’s not just an abstract concept, we at Bright Side collected photos that will represent irony better than any words could do. From awkward word division to confusing instructions, these captured moments will make you think that some people either struggle with logic or they know something we don’t.

1. A box of apples with a character that got poisoned by an apple on it

2. The pocket is completely useless, but at least the zipper works.

3. “This stocking that I’ve had for a while. Just try to read the numbers from left to right.”

4. Toilets can be quite confusing.

5. “I have a sneaking suspicion those aren’t from Japan...”

6. How to not block stairs:

7. “Bemine”

8. “Lotion where the pump looks exactly the same on both sides. I’m constantly getting lotion everywhere because I pick the wrong side.”

9. When did we start recycling banana skin?

10. A toilet stall that doesn’t really offer you privacy

11. “My bread was wrapped in paper, the same color and texture as bread crust. I had to spit it out.”

12. And we thought that “Letters and background shouldn’t be the same color” was the basis of design.

13. The food is maybe real, but the “people” look kind of like Sims characters.

14. “Maybe if I walk backward...”

15. “The sign telling us where our room is.”

16. Limbo dance stairs

17. This fire hydrant looks as if it’s going to shout “You shall not pass!” at any moment.

18. “Choosing the best way to split a word...”

19. “What do I do I’m so confused?”

20. “These pants that are made to look like they have paint stains on them.”

21. “Flat coming, iron soon.”

22. “Well someone forgot their shovel...”

23. This balcony doesn’t really look safe.

24. The sign that says “Give cyclists space” doesn’t give cyclists space.

25. “What do you mean you want to use the buttons on your sleeves?”

26. “Eating this watermelon makes me cry.”

Have you ever come across something that was so absurd it blew your mind? Share your pictures with us.

Preview photo credit TransportationFun665/reddit


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