15 Dads Who Perfectly Nailed Parenting

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2 years ago

Whether it’s dressing up as a woman superhero or sacrificing TV time for their little ones, dads can truly leave a mark in kids’ lives. Like any other parent, dads also have to find an inspiring way to help kids grow into better humans. But what’s eye-catching is that they have their own unique way of doing it — one that pays off in the end.

Many fathers are sharing their stories through pics on the internet and we at Bright Side couldn’t resist and not share a new collection, showing off their power.

1. “I let my daughter pick my costume for Halloween. 1) Long hair sucks. 2) Women’s clothes are not comfortable.”

2. When you leave dad to take care of the kids:

3. “Little Miss Bedhead was very impressed with the Mickey Mouse pancake I made. TV makes shaped pancakes seem a whole lot easier.”

4. “I love watching my daughter perform. How it started, first pic, and how it’s going, second pic.”

5. “Any other dads know this struggle...”

6. “My daughter runs a bath for me when I get home from work. Even lays out all the stuff I need! Makes working 2 jobs as a lone parent worth it!”

7. “Daughter (2 years old) wanted to sleep with the skeleton in her room. You choose your battles...”

8. “Taking my daughter camping is one of my favorite parts of being a dad.”

9. “First time being a dad. Amazed at how quickly my son’s emotions change.”

10. “Some days being a step-dad is really hard... but some days you get to be a fairy in the forest.”

11. “This will be my crowning achievement as a dad.”

12. “I just started growing and keeping a beard. As a dad of little girls, this is what playtime looks like.”

13. “My husband, working on his Master’s degree, while holding one of our twin boys.”

14. “Chair I made in 1997 as a 14 y/o in middle school wood shop. Now, 38 & realized I saved it for 24 years to give to my son.”

15. “My son wants to help.”

What’s the cherished memory you have from your dad and your childhood? As a parent, what moment with your kid you will always remember? What pic from this collection woke up warm memories?

Preview photo credit eros*er / reddit


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