17 Artists Whose Work Deserves a Big, Loud Round of Applause

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Without a doubt, throughout history, art was created in order to serve beauty and its components. And seeing something that is visually pleasing stirs up a lot of emotions in people. Besides that, art is a great way for people to communicate with others and with their own emotions. That’s why so many people turn to art and so many schools include the subject in their lessons.

Bright Side stumbled upon some truly amazing pieces of art that deserve all the attention they can get.

1. “The 3D bottle of ketchup I made for a chalk art festival in Pittsburgh”

2. “Before and after shots of some of my favorite murals”

3. “Loved my son’s slippers so much I had to commission someone to make me a matching pair.”

4. “This before and after”

5. “Thermal hand rug”

6. “An acrylic painting I just finished titled Cold Commute

7. “Just finished my saltine cracker painting.”

8. “Before and after of this mural”

9. A melting ice cream rug

10. “Trying to finish one painting a day during my time off work. Here’s today’s piece.”

11. “I spent 16 years developing my art style, now it pays the bills.”

12. “I just finished my first mural! It’s on a traffic light signal box in Brisbane, Australia.”

13. “My oil painting of a PB & J and a glass of chocolate milk”

14. “A little koi pond in a teacup! I sculpted the koi, lilies, and turtle from polymer clay.”

15. “I went down to Chinatown in NYC and did some watercolor painting. Here’s the result.”

16. “I painted a mural on the Colorado Denver campus and took a pic of the inspiration in front.”

17. “I made a real dandelion pendant out of epoxy resin.”

Have you seen any public art pieces that brought new life to your city or your neighborhood? If so, what was it about?

Preview photo credit Thechalkingdad / reddit


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