15+ Epic Wastes That Can Infuriate Anyone to the Point of Madness

2 years ago

Any purchase we make, even the most well-thought-out one, is a bit of a lottery. Whether it’s a housing rental, new shoes, or jewelry. We can’t know whether it’s a good deal until it proves its worth over time. So, we would rather avoid the situations the heroes of this article happened to be in because it seems that luck was not on their side at that moment.

At Bright Side, we realize that no one is safe from failures. But we still hope that something similar will never happen to you.

“Wasting money on comfortable spots to chill”

“The epic amount of waste in this allergy pill pack I bought from the drug store”

“Look at the kitchen in this $2,650 NYC apartment.”

“My boyfriend bought me a $350 ring, and it did this in one day.”

“I finally caved and bought the kids a box of 60 Oreo packs through Amazon. Today it arrived and this is what we got!”

“It feels weird when the perfume you bought your wife for Christmas ends up in the toilet as ’air freshener.’”

“I bought some Lego mini figures. They were all the same.”

“I bought a pigeon-proof birdfeeder. Apparently, it’s not.”

“I ordered a bunch of flowers for my mom for Mother’s Day for over $80. The flowers arrived literally moldy and dead, like they were cremated 30 years ago and then dug up.”

“This cost me €45 and another €65 to fix. What I had (and wanted again) vs What I received”

“This cost over $25. My disappointment is immeasurable.”

“I paid $37 for this box with saffron.”

“This cost me $61 for a gel refill. I tried to go for a blue ombre. My boyfriend says they look horrible.”

“My college made me pay $96 for this ‘lab kit.’ There’s nothing in here worth more than 5 bucks, and the whole thing probably costs less than 20 bucks. They also included a pen.”

“This lobster roll cost $34. Banana is for scale.”

“This delivery driver cost me $5,500.”

“My 1-month-old work boots that cost $130.”

“I paid for the deluxe room upgrade in this 4-star hotel.”

“I got a game for Christmas that didn’t even have the game. My parents paid $60 for a plastic shell.”

Have you ever had a similar situation happen to you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit capt_capitalism / Reddit


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thus is why I don't order things. Min wage drivers steal them lol


the price for the saffron seems ok. considering:
1. it is very light weight
2. you only need one or two strands of it each time
3. 1kg of real saffron costs over $10,000


Whoever doesn't like Daisy by Marc Jacobs (the toilet perfume pic) can stay away from me. And mail me that perfume.


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