20 Heroes That Prove You Don’t Need Superpowers to Make a Difference

2 years ago

With great power comes great responsibility, and outside our favorite comics, we have our own multiverse of heroes in real life. Inspired by the stories we grew up with, there are people out there who are using their power to create a positive change. No matter the size of their actions, big or small, these real-life superheroes are sending a strong message to the world.

We at Bright Side found out that there are real heroes hidden in our communities. Some of them wear masks and some of them do not. But what we do know is that if the “hero-verse” is a thing, there is a great chance your neighbor is a hidden Spider-Man.

1. A real-life Spider-Man who combats climate change

2. “My husband donated 17 years’ worth of hair growth today.”

3. “There’s a guy in my town that has been quietly doing a cleanup challenge, combining it with running events.”

4. “This guy’s name is Al, and he goes around downtown every single day and picks up garbage. He’s been doing it for years.”

5. “4 years, 1 round of chemo, and now 2 spinal surgeries. My hero is here to beat cancer!”

6. “I walked into Starbucks crying. She said this was a safe space and let me give her a hug.”

7. “My dad helped me overcome my disability. He is my hero.”

8. “Decided to spend my lunch break cleaning up my community.”

9. “My fiancé said she wanted to do something nice for the unsung holiday heroes.”

10. “A kind stranger found my girlfriend’s keys and left them for us. Faith in humanity restored.”

11. “My best bud and I cleaned up a ton of trash today on our day off.”

12. “The people on my mail route shovel between houses for me, which is so kind and very appreciated.”

13. “I don’t know who did this but thank you!”

14. “My dad and I opened a community library.”

15. “I gave the local homeless musician, who was borrowing guitars to busk on the street, my old first acoustic guitar after upgrading.”

16. “I’ve collected hundreds of plastic bottles floating in this lake!”

17. “My friends and I assembled 50 care packages, including blankets and socks, and handed them out to the homeless in our city.”

18. “A group of neighborhood kids that helped move my 82-year-old dad’s books out of a room that was flooding”

19. “Our daughter was visited by Maddie, a therapy dog, before her surgery. This dog helped all of us more than she will ever know.”

20. “My friend wasn’t going to his graduation due to his parent being away. So we stepped in as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.”

Do you know a real-life hero? Mention them and tell us why in the comments!

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