20 Photos That Prove Accidental Coincidences Follow Us All

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When it comes to coincidences, the universe can be the biggest trickster of all. Most of us have come across strange coincidences that have blown our minds. However, usually, these moments go uncaptured. But sometimes photos are taken at the exact right moment, making them hilarious snapshots. They say you just have to be at the right place at the right time, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that the universe is constantly showing us signs of incidents that seem hard to believe.

If you ever had a similar situation, but couldn’t capture it. Don’t worry! We at Bright Side decided to gather some of our favorites below for you to enjoy once more.

1. “Had to do a double-check at the red light, just to make sure.”

2. “Forbidden seat cushion.”

3. “These are this restaurant’s oddly-shaped awnings. But, it’s still hard to force myself to not see them as hovering umbrellas.”

4. It’s confusing to spot a dog with a human body.

5. The dog and the blanket are like identical twins.

6. “The medicine I took matched my outfit.”

7. “A one-sided building”

8. This bird standing on the railing of the building looks like a giant one, sitting on top of a train.

9. “Where’s the cat?”

10. “Bought a new rug and lost my dog!”

11. “My phone case matches my desk.”

12. “My Ultraboost matches the carpet at work.”

13. “I slid my shoes off for a second at work today, and my co-worker noticed that my feet vanished.”

14. “Pic my husband took of me when passing him a pencil”

15. “My friend just adopted a new fur baby, and she has found her favorite spot.”

16. “We got a matching cat to our sofa cover.”

17. He decided to blend in with the environment.

18. “Dropped this guitar pick on my bedsheets.”

19. “My mask on my floral bedsheet.”

20. “Spot the light switch, it took me too long to find.”

Have you ever experienced an accidental camouflage like the ones from above? If you have, feel free to share them with us in the comments. We would be more than happy to take a look at them.

Preview photo credit kitschier / Reddit


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