15+ Situations That Made Us Sigh and Ask, “How?”

2 years ago

There are times in life when you come across inexplicable things. Like, when you buy shoes online and get the right one twice or a shelf so poorly designed it can’t actually hold anything. If you think these are rare, you’re right. Luckily, Reddit is letting us check out some of these strange gifts from the universe.

Bright Side picked a few photos that are capable of making anyone facepalm.

1. “I ordered shoes to wear at my wedding next month and was so excited to try them on until I opened the box.”

2. “Ah yes, the Eiffel Tower, my favorite Italian landmark.”

3. “Almost drank from this bottle of wood polish disguised as a water bottle.”

4. “This looks like someone followed spoken instructions for how to make a stop sign without ever seeing one.”

5. “Defective Pikachu”

6. “I found where my 3 year old twins have been hiding my loose change.”

7. “My photo on my college ID”

8. “My wife tossed a pile of laundry into the dryer. Along with a brand new box of 500 dryer sheets.”

9. “My hammer broke when I hit a nail on some workbench trim.”

10. Anel and Nasa

11. “I accidentally melted my son’s toothbrush.”

12. “I just sharpened this pencil and got a sharp piece of wood instead of something to write with.”

13. “These address numbers seem a bit confusing.”

14. “It isn’t that hard to properly label a toilet.”

15. “Just got my bathroom remodeled. Thanks bros.”

16. “The shelf in my shower is at an angle and nothing stays put in it.”

Have you seen something that could fit this compilation? Show it to us!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit ad9344 / Reddit


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