20 Mishaps That Were Just a Hair’s Breadth Away From Becoming a Tragedy

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We are not always attentive to the things we do. Perhaps we take certain actions for granted, believing that everything is going to be fine. And that’s when we look away and those little domestic “tragedies” happen, and after the initial shock, they become funny anecdotes. However, we don’t necessarily want to live through them again.

The Bright Side team often has to deal with this too. We get a little distracted — and tragedy strikes. That’s why we understand the protagonists of the following selection of stories who captured, in a single image, a time when they did things the wrong way.

1. “When it’s your stop and the doors open to this”

2. “The belt buckle just fell off and landed here. Now, how to get through half a workday with loose pants...”

3. “Gotta love spilling the whole container of seasoning on the plate.”

4. “Cut all of the ’ties’ on my daughter’s new toy. That gray tie was the wire for the remote.”

5. “So this just happened. Now we have to find take-out at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve.”

6. “My sister decided to organize my bookshelf, then she did this. Oh, my eyes!!”

7. “The tattoo artist gave my spider 9 legs. :(”

8. “My neighbor’s convertible top collapsed under all the recent snowfall.”

9. “My neighbor’s entire mailbox was stolen!!!”

10. “The dog enjoyed the cornbread cake.”

11. “Dropped my cologne in my sink.”

12. “A guy dropped a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day.”

13. “The cheese won...”

14. “Joke’s on you, most pics in that card are yours.”

15. “It seems I’m the only one who commuted to the office today. Maybe there’s a memo out there I didn’t receive.”

16. “Overfilled my jars to freeze the bone broth I spent 48 hours simmering.”

17. “When you set the oven way too high while letting your pizza dough rise:”

“Yeah, that’s a melted bowl, baked dough, and a burned kitchen towel.”

18. “Never heard it happen.”

19. “I’ll do the dishes tomorrow.”

20. “My mom was cooking walnuts (for some reason).”

What was the last time everything went wrong because you weren’t paying attention?


Most of these are because people were too careless or dumb lol

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