18 People Who Couldn’t Believe Their Luck With Their Magnificent Findings

2 years ago

A well-known quote says that “life is full of surprises, but the biggest one of all is learning what it takes to handle them.” Whether we talk about major life events or smaller everyday discoveries, this statement proves to be very true. Some people choose to just walk past these small surprises, while others stop for a while and stare. This isn’t just so you can keep a nice memento, but it also lets you reflect on how precious life is.

Bright Side took a ride around the Internet and discovered 18 pictures that prove life is a never-ending treasure hunt.

1. “Found a natural beehive on a walk today.”

2. “My sister found this tiny egg inside her hard-boiled egg.”

3. “Came across this lamp full of bugs while delivering.”

4. “The albino squirrel that lives in my neighborhood”

5. “Today’s solar eclipse as seen at sunset resembled a giant cat’s head.”

6. “My local supermarket built a little habitat for their mushrooms.”

7. “I have a Twix calculator from 1984.”

8. “There is a small shell in my sea salt grinder.”

9. “The way these trees grew on a street in Amsterdam”

10. “This maple leaf stopped the water from turning into ice in one place and made a cool outline.”

11. “There’s a bear walking around my suburban neighborhood right now.”

12. “Something I saw on a walk”

13. “This door has been partly chopped.”

14. “A pair of pet emus escaped in my old hometown in Pennsylvania. Third time this year!”

15. “The way the oil fell on the pavement”

16. “One of my chickens laid a double soft-shelled egg today.”

17. “Just found a deviated lettuce leaf while I was harvesting baby greens.”

18. “My carrot is shaped like a perfect cowboy boot.”

What has been the most wonderful or surprising thing you’ve discovered or stumbled upon lately?

Preview photo credit galafem / reddit


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