16 Animals That Could Easily Receive 1,000 Medals

3 years ago

While people like to talk about their achievements, animals usually keep modestly silent. But many of them do things that we never dreamt of, using their speed, courage, and kindness along the way. We still have a lot to learn from our furry brothers and sisters, and today’s compilation proves it once again.

Bright Side will never get tired of remembering how lucky we all are to have these lovely creatures on our planet. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re incredibly cool.

This guy’s name is Best. He’s a malamute, and he’s been to the top of Mount Elbrus more than 40 times.

This is Trevor. He donates blood to save the lives of sick cats. And he’s absolutely gorgeous!

“This is Murphy. He’s a good boy — he saved my niece from a nest of wasps by carefully licking and nipping them off without hurting her. He got stung quite a few times.”

This is Gary. He travels boldly through rocky mountains and rivers.

“Herbie is a therapy dog at my hospital. He came to say hello.”

“Last night, my cat saved me from an evil snake that snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping! Good job, Mufasa.”

“Our blind dog, Molly, guided 7 people, 2 dogs, and 4 cats out of a fire.”

Kuli is a cat who rides on a surfboard and isn’t afraid of water.

“My dog Vader saved me from a hammer falling from the fourth floor.”

The cat Didga set the Guinness World Record for the most tricks she can perform in a minute. Didga swims and surfs. She can skate and do gymnastics.

And this is an artist rabbit.

“6 months ago, she scared off a mountain lion and saved my life.”

Did she lose a front leg in the process or is it just the way she is sitting?


Purin and her owner, Makoto Kumagai, set the Guinness World Record for the number of jumps made by a dog and a person in 1 minute, jumping 58 times.

The cat Tara protected a boy from a dog attack and received the title of hero.

This good girl emotionally supports firefighters 4 hours a day before they start their next 24-hour shift.

“Tonight, this guy barked at me for 30 minutes to take him outside. It turned out that in our apartment, there was a gas leak, and he just wanted us to get out.”

Share a story of how your pet amazed you with their intelligence and speed.

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