20+ Photo Stories About Friendship Between Pets and Their Owners That’ll Leave You Awe-Struck

2 years ago

They say that dogs are a human’s best friend. However, it’s not a secret that this phrase relates not only to dogs but to other pets as well. We get used to our fluffy friends so much that they become true family members for us. And even if today you don’t have a pet, we bet these stories about them won’t leave you indifferent.

We at Bright Side couldn’t pass by stories about the friendship between people and animals, especially when they are so touching. We hope they will warm your hearts up too.

“He may not be the cutest, but this old boy has been with me through the good and bad days... he’s always my best boy!”

“This girl has been with me through a marriage, the birth of my son, a divorce, numerous moves, and several other pets... she turns 14 today. My best companion since she was 4 months old.”

“When Margo was a kitten, I took her to the office every day. Her favorite thing to do was to climb her way onto my shoulder and watch me work.”

“Due to health issues, my husband had to spend a lot of his time in the recliner recently. His lap, however, is never empty.”

“These 2 traveled 6,800 miles with me to start their new life in a new place.”

“My handsome old golden retriever taking a subway ride with me. He is 11 years old. He is the best friend I could ever wish for.”

“I take my cat with me everywhere I go and he loves it.”

“Just turned 21 years old. He has accompanied me through teenage years, college, marriage, and was still able to meet my 4-month-old baby...”

“Thank you for a lifetime of companionship...I love you with all my heart.”

“I am proud because I just became a US citizen. I just wanted to celebrate with my loyal little friend who I found on my patio 6 months ago. She made me into a cat lover.”

“Her name is Doders. She’s 11 or 12 and has been with me through my MA, Ph.D., and a divorce.”

“Prom and wedding day, 16 years apart! Beaker has been with me through milestones, heartaches, celebrations, and challenges. She’s 19 now and still my favorite girl.”

“2 days ago, my wife’s lifelong best friend turned 21. Today, he blessed me with this moment.”

“This little guy just flew across Canada with me. As you can see in his eyes, he was not happy about it. We’re now home safe and sound!”

“She’s my firstborn. She taught me how to be a good father, to care for and raise another. She’s been with me through all of my adult life challenges. She’s the bestest girl.”

“My best friend helping me graduate last May. He went to every class and internship hour with me.”

“My dog slept like this on me almost the whole way to our new home. We left the old one behind to find some opportunities, he will always be with me wherever I go.”

“He’s been to 22 states, traveled the country, and lived with me in my car until we finally found our home.”

“He’s my old, well-traveled boy (best friend), but still as spunky as ever. Love you, Astro!”

“This is my boy, Ace. I bottle-fed him and he never learned how to knead properly. So now he bites and tugs on blankets. I love him very much.”

“Annie is 15 next month, mostly blind, and a very good girl. She may not be able to see me clearly but she still greets me with an awoo-woo!”

“My cat has been with me since 1999.”

“And he still will run up and down the hallway for 5 seconds at around 1 AM every night.”

“’He’s just a cat,’ many people say. No, he is literally one of the reasons I’m still alive. Truffles will literally cuddle with me every night, and when I used to cry, he would paw at my face, which would cause me to laugh and feel better.”

How old is your pet? We would love to see their photo in the comments!

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