Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s Daughter, 16, Makes a Rare Appearance, People Notice the Same Thing

2 weeks ago

Jason Momoa, 44, shares two kids with his ex, Lisa Bonet, 56. Recently, the actor brought his teen daughter, Lola, to the premiere of his movie, and fans couldn't stop gushing about her unique beauty.

All of their kids are beautiful. Including his step children.


The father-daughter duo were all smiles as they attended The Bikeriders premiere in Los Angeles. Momoa was road-ready, sporting a black and white striped sweater over worn, grease-stained khaki pants, and a Red Rum Nomads biker vest. He arrived at the red carpet on a vintage motorcycle, with Lola riding along.

In dark sunglasses, the Aquaman actor and his 16-year-old daughter Lola looked effortlessly cool, brushing his long, wavy hair away from his rugged, bearded face.

She also looks like she's not wearing any makeup, if she is it's very subtle. She really is beautiful. She looks like her dad dressed her though LOL


His 16-year-old daughter Lola appeared at ease in a well-worn vintage leather jacket layered over a black T-shirt. She wore distressed jeans and sported thick-soled black shoes. Her dark hair was styled in a low ponytail, with curly tendrils framing her face.

Fans online couldn't hide their admiration after seeing the adorable bond between this father and daughter. One person wrote, "Loving the women in your life and being a good dad are very attractive qualities," while another observed, "He looks every bit the proud papa!"

People also were stunned to see how pretty the teenage girl is, and almost all fans believed that she looked like Jason. An admirer noted, "Gorgeous girl, looks like her father, and appropriately dressed for her age," while another added, "She is so pretty!"

Another celebrity whose recent appearance created buzz online is Michael Douglas. The 79-year-old Hollywood legend shared a video on his Instagram just a few days ago, and people were worried.


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