20+ People Who Found Things That Seem to Be From Another World

2 years ago

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. On the contrary, they are genuinely creative ’thieves’ who catch our hearts and minds with no effort. And who we are to resist when it comes to observing really unique and marvelous objects. Especially when some of them seem to be created in another fancy galaxy full of new wonders.

Bright Side has found some of the unexpectedly weird things that Mother Nature changed beyond recognition.

1. “Our pineapple-sized lemon”

2. “This tiny pineapple along with this tiny apple.”

3. “This gourd that looks like a watermelon.”

4. “My dad grew some Indian corn.”

5. “This purple mushroom I found.”

6. “This apple from my back yard”

7. “The local grocery store was selling albino asparagus.”

8. “Freed this black-faced dacnis from a safety net and we were all in awe at his colors.”

9. “Fall webworm caterpillar at Helton Nature Park in Texas”

10. “My labradorite looks like a butterfly’s wing.”

11. “Teeth found at Shark Tooth Island NC 50 years ago.”

12. “100±year-old clam from the Great Barrier Reef.”

13. “Weird flower on a succulent”

14. “The water droplets in this spider web on a misty day”

15. “The snails in my fish tank ate this leaf but left all the veins.”

16. “This seed pod looks like an ancient beast.”

17. “These concentric circles formed on a pear left in rain water.”

18. “This morning I found tiny spherical dewdrops formed on all the tiny ridges surrounding our rose bush leaves.”

19. “My house plant looks like it came straight from the Alien franchise.”

20. “Clementine held to a light source.”

21. “Backside of a spider nest filled with tiny baby spiders.”

Have you seen any of these beauties in your life before? Maybe you have found something unique yourself? Please share it all in the comments below. And don’t forget to add photos too!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit nexter2nd / reddit


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