16 Stories Proving That There’s Always Room for an Act of Kindness

2 years ago

Kindness doesn’t only make the world a better place but also helps the people that do good things. Scientists found out that a good attitude to people can improve brain function and lower stress levels. It’s all about cortisol, the stress hormone. When you have too much of it, the brain and memory don’t work as well. Anger increases the level of this hormone and kindness with patience lower it.

We at Bright Side decided to fight stress and anxiety, so we’ve chosen the most touching stories about kindness to share with you.

  • For several days in a row, a guy has been fixing his car in front of my house. It’s pretty cold outside and I wanted to do something nice. I made a cup of hot coffee and gave it to him. The guy was shocked, he took the cup, and thanked me. He said to me, “Thanks again. If you need my help, you know where to find me... My wife never made tea for me, and a guy I don’t know made me coffee.” I smiled and walked away. I almost cried — it felt so nice to do something good. © SoulNone / Pikabu
  • I was walking past a coffee shop, and a girl standing outside gave me a leaflet that said “1+1=3.” It means you buy 2 identical cups of coffee and get the third one for free. I bought one for me and one for my colleague and gave the free one to the girl. She was really happy. © APXuK / Pikabu
  • Back when my great uncle was alive I used to go and buy these books about cowboys, Indians, and the like. Being an elderly man, he never really got much of a chance to go out and buy these sorts of things although he loved reading and Westerns a lot. One day, I noticed that he’d began to re-read some of his old books, because he didn’t have any new ones. I thought about it for a bit and came up with a plan. Every time I’d go to the newsstand from then on, I’d buy 2 books. After getting a few, I’d bundle them up, go to his house, drop them on the doorstep, ring the bell, and run. When I’d visit him later in the week he’d always relay his theory about who was doing it, and how he was going to catch them. I only got to do it a few times before he passed away, but I’ll never forget the smile on his face as he talked about “The Book Bandit.” © CrazyMcCookie / Reddit

  • I saw a very beautiful dog. It was sad, hungry, and its paw was broken. There were no people around, and I sat next to the dog and started crying. After that, I went online and started looking for the owners. And I found them! They answered my call and said they would pick the dog up soon. I asked my colleague to bring my backpack, I gave the dog all the food I had, and now I’m happy she’s going home. She’s doing great and her paw is healing. © yadeathcoree / Twitter

  • I was coming back home from doing work up North. I had a long connection (19 hours), so I went for a walk, went to a market, and realized all my money was gone. Someone had cut my bag and stole it. I was shocked. No money, no tickets, and I knew nobody in the city. So, I had a crazy idea — ask someone to lend me money. I saw a young woman with her daughter. So, I went up to her and told her my story. I asked her for some money for my trip and promised to give it back to her once I got home. She told me to wait while she went home. When she came back, she gave me $100. She said, “My husband and I are saving money, I hope you are not lying.” I couldn’t believe my eyes, took the money, and the next day, when I got home, I transferred her the money right away. © Oblomingo88 / Pikabu

  • My neighbor’s dog fell off a cliff, and they could not afford the surgery to save his life. We put $500 in an envelope and left it on their back step, with a note that said it was to help their dog. It was not enough to cover the whole cost, but we heard the vet took it as a down payment. The dog lived for quite a while afterward. © handjivewilly / Reddit
  • For 2 weeks, there was a huge pile of snow in the parking lot near our house. Of course, people started climbing this pile, and today, someone made stairs for us! © aatakaya / Pikabu
  • Around a month ago, when it became really cold, my daughter asked me to buy her a second pair of gloves. She said that when she played in the snow, they got wet and cold, so she wanted another pair. So, I bought her another pair and put them into the bag. I noticed that both of the pairs were wet, I asked her why and she didn’t say anything. And then, she confessed, “Mom, I have a friend and she doesn’t have gloves! I heard that her family couldn’t afford to buy them. When I asked her, she said she forgot the gloves, but she always forgets! She needs them!” © Bitldgys / Pikabu
  • My friend went to the vet with her cat. There was a woman there with a cat that got poisoned. She didn’t have the money for the treatment, so she signed an agreement that she’d pay before some date. My friend and her husband asked the vet if they could pay for the treatment and said they didn’t want the money back. One year later, my friend got a bank transfer with a note, “Thank you for your help in September 2019!” She most likely got the number from the vet. We decided to donate the entire amount to an animal shelter. © aphinadt / Pikabu
  • In high school, I got a job in the summertime so I could buy nice school clothes and have fun with my friends. My mom was a single mom and worked a full-time job while raising me and my brother at this time. I used to hide money in her purse, sometimes 20, sometimes 100, depending on what I had. I never told anyone. © jenniferjuniper / Reddit

  • I stopped by a new gas station a few times. At the entrance, there was an old dog that barked at people sometimes. When it became cold, the dog disappeared. But the next time I came, I saw this:

"The gas station employee said that she felt sorry for the dog and that he'd been with them for 10 years."

  • A delivery guy came into my diner today. The order he came for was huge and we were cooking it. Our dishes are quite expensive, and the place is always full. But it was really cold outside, and I decided to make some hot tea for the guy. He was really shy and said he I didn’t have to. And I said, “Oh, drink it! It’s so cold outside.” I went into the kitchen and thought that I could also make some food for him. So, I made him a dish of pasta and he looked so sincerely happy when he sat down at the table and ate. © erlan08 / Pikabu
  • Shortly after my mother passed away, someone knocked on my door randomly one day. It was one of her client’s sons who gave me an envelope of money. I was confused. He explained that when his mother had passed away, they were low on money. My mom helped pay for their airfare to get her kids home. She never told us about it. She wasn’t a rich woman. That’s when I knew the world had lost someone great. © Wackydetective / Reddit
  • Living in Canada, this winter I drove around my neighborhood and looked for people who needed help shoveling their driveway. I’d just drive up, hop out with a shovel, and start shoveling. Though it wasn’t completely selfless, I just figured instead of going to the gym I might as well put my workout to good use and help some people out. © pethcir / Reddit
  • Last weekend I was downtown and found a guy’s driver’s license on the ground. I found him on Facebook and sent him a bunch of messages telling him not to worry and that I’d return his license. We ended up running into him on the street. The look on his face when I asked, “Are you John Doe?” was priceless. His eyes went wide and he asked, “How did you know that?” I pulled the license out of my shirt pocket, he said “Dude!,” gave me a big hug, and thanked me. We are currently Facebook friends. © DrJMoDFA / Reddit
  • Every morning when I prepare my girlfriend’s and my “lunch boxes” I always give her the best apple. Usually, the biggest and reddest with the fewest blemishes, and I don’t tell her. © iam4real / Reddit

Tell us about the kindest thing you’ve ever done in your life!

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This is good to know, my faith in humanity has been restored 😂


Very helpful tips for everyday practice to try to stop our bad behaviours from affecting our lifes😊👌


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