12 Times When a Ride in a Taxi Turned Into a Fascinating Story

4 years ago

It might seem from an outsider’s perspective that working as a taxi driver is a boring job. But the characters of our compilation know for sure that some of these trips end up becoming interesting and exciting journeys, for example, the story of a wizard-driver or the story about introverted passengers.

Internets users, both drivers and passengers, are sharing their most memorable trips in a taxi and Bright Side is going to show you the most interesting ones.

  • I work at a taxi service. I am perhaps that endangered species of drivers who likes quiet and silent rides. In order to avoid conversations, I did the following: I printed out the sign, “The driver is deaf-mute, the music is playing for you, dear passengers.” The scheme worked perfectly — everyone was staying quiet, but I was extremely surprised when some girls asked me:
    — Are you really deaf-mute?
    Looking at them surprised, I simply nodded back, which meant yes. © RedMan86 / Pikabu
  • I was working in the evening and got an order. When I arrived at the destination point, a girl got into the car and clarified the address. After that, she asked me how much time it would take us to get there. I looked at the navigator that was showing 25 minutes, and answered 25-30 minutes. She picks up her phone, calls someone, and says, “I’ll be there in 11 minutes.” Since it was in the evening and there were no traffic jams, we got there pretty fast, but within this time she got 2 calls asking where she was. Tell me, please, why tell lies just to have to lie again? © vadosoo19312 / Pikabu
  • Recently I was made to believe in instant karma. A young man got into my taxi and asked me to take him right across the road, to the neighboring house. He said he didn’t have cash and that he would put money on my phone deposit, from his card. I gave him the phone number and he left but the money never arrived. I was ok with that, because the number wasn’t big. I continued my work and a couple of hours later, several girls got into my car and say, “Hey, you have something lying back here on the floor.” It was a passport. I started to think about whose document that could be and suddenly I got enlightened. I found that guy on social media and wrote to him. The next day he called me and apologized for not paying me. I met him and returned his passport. He gave me twice as much money as he owed me, but never dared to look into my eyes. What can I say? Watch your belongings and don’t cheat taxi drivers, the Earth is round! © ZlayaZaya666 / Pikabu
  • My dad used to drive taxis for a short while and he once gave a man a free ride because the first thing he said when he got in the taxi was “follow that car.” My dad always wanted someone to say that to him and was overjoyed. © raleighstark / Reddit
  • I had a customer tell me that they needed to bring their pregnant goat with them. I had to politely refuse. © unknown / Reddit
  • I was going to a party one day, riding in the backseat with my mother.
    Me: *trying to apply eyeliner very carefully*
    The driver stops on the side of the road.
    Mom: “What happened?”
    Driver: “Let her apply the eyeliner. If she gets it wrong, she’ll give the ride a bad rating.”
    *Everyone laughs*
    5 stars to the driver. © Jahnvi Gupta / Quora

  • I was late for work, it spoiled my mood, so I had to call a taxi. The taxi driver turned out to be an interesting looking man, approximately 65 years old. I get in and say, “Hi!” — “Hi! Are we heading to this address?” — “Yep, that’s right!” — “Gosh, I am ’lucky’ to keep getting this place as my destination point today. Anyway, I need to energize myself.” He takes his phone, connects it to the car’s player, and starts an AC/DC concert. We were riding and energizing ourselves. Cool! © MannyMaru / Pikabu
  • My friend started Ubering about a year ago. His first customers were 4 girls from a college A Capella group who were on their way to dinner. They sang for him the entire ride. © Crow_T_Robot / Reddit
  • So I receive an order at the airport and a couple gets into the car. We are driving on a highway and at some moment I realize that there is a strong draft. Turns out, they opened a window and were sitting silently. The draft was quite strong, but I couldn’t say a word because they were VIP clients. After 20 minutes, the girl asks, “Can we close the window, please?” Suddenly I remembered I was airing the car out after washing it, and perhaps didn’t close all the windows. They weren’t saying anything and neither was I. Darn introverts. © Jermontaz / Pikabu

What interesting situations have happened to you in a taxi? Please tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Jermontaz / pikabu


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I got so many stories to tell from my riding a taxi experience.


My best taxi driver experience happened when traveling to Greece with my best friend. We were on vacation on the island of Paros And the driver was a young man Who ended up giving us a tour with his friend one day later. We had so much fun we're still talking on socials.


I hardly ever use taxi services, so I don't have any fascinating backstory, but those are truly amazing!


all my taxi drivers love to talk about politics and give useless advice.. I wish I could hare an interesting story like that


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