20 People Who Don’t Need to See the Results of a DNA Test to Know They’re Family

3 years ago

Scholars say that we have a special bond with our parents. Indeed, most of us feel this link through the interaction, support, and love we share and get from our family. However, some families are not only linked emotionally, but also physically.

We at Bright Side collected the most remarkable examples of family links that you’ll not only see, but you’ll feel.

1. “My wife just gave birth to our firstborn.”

“Me and my son both have the same weird genetic abnormality where we have an extra-large space between our first and second toes.”

2. “Genetics are cool!”

“My parents always told me I looked like my dad’s mom, but I never got to meet her before she passed away. On the right is my grandmother holding my dad and on the left is me holding my son, taken exactly 63 years apart!”

3. “My toddler and I have the same freckle, on the same foot, in the same place.”

4. “My mom and sister, both at age 6.”

5. “I know where my lips and nose come from. I always thought my lips were inherited from my maternal side but these are paternal all the way!”

6. “Realized today that my baby inherited my semi-conjoined toes.”

7. “Like father like son.”

8. “Like mother, like son.”

9. “Me and my paternal grandfather”

10. “Me with my niece in 2012. My sister with my daughter in 2020!”

11. “No DNA test required: sister edition”

12. “Genetics are weird! Me in 1993 (left) and my daughter in 2020 (right). Same attitude and general disdain.”

13. “Me and my great uncle (Now vs WWII)”

14. “The pattern on my and my son’s palms is almost identical.”

15. “100% Mini-Me — my daughter on the left and me on the right as a child”

16. “My mom (above) and I (below) have nearly fully-identical eye colors, even down to the little ridges.”

17. “On the left, my husband as a baby with his dad. And on the right, my husband as a dad with our baby.”

18. “My husband and both our kids have these shoulder dimples.”

19. “My son and I both have crooked pinkies.”

20. “Found a picture of our friend’s grandfather. It’s crazy how much they look alike.”

What is a distinct feature you share with your relatives? Tell us in the comment section below.

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My brother and I very closely resemble my dad's side of the family, and we also look extremely alike. People would ask if we were twins when we were younger (which isn't possible with male/female barring genetic problems; also, I'm older). One day bro and I are waiting for my SIL at Home Affairs and someone I don't know comes up to us and goes, "You two are Baileys!" We were a bit stunned, but went, "Yes...?" She says, "So whose kids are you?" We told her and she turned out to be our first cousin (daughter of my dad's older sister).


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