15+ Kids That Are Funnier Than Your Favorite Knock-Knock Joke

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2 years ago

Raising children is definitely a stressful and exhausting undertaking, but every now and again, you get blessed by them with a humorous reward. They can liven up even the most grouchy adult if given a chance. This is presumably why people on the internet are typically brightened up by funny pictures of kids.

Bright Side has compiled a list of tweets and pictures for you that were shared by parents that will surely make your day brighter.


2. “My 10-year-old son wanted me to share with all of you the suit of armor he’s been constructing.”


4. “A card I made as a kid for my mom while she was in the hospital.”


6. “The kids made me breakfast for Father’s Day.”


8. “My 3-year-old daughter convinced her camp counselors that it was her birthday. Her birthday was 4 months away.”

“We only found out when we found this photo.”


10. “So, my daughter did a magic trick with our last TP roll...”


12. “My daughter fell asleep in the cart at the grocery store last night.”


14. “My daughter has always been a ‘think later’ kinda girl.”


16. “My kid asked me to play hide and seek with her. I, of course, obliged. This is her genius-level hiding tactic. The cat bed.”


18. “My 1-year-old son likes to peek into my home office doors. Just stands there and smiles until I acknowledge him.”


20. “I took a picture of the moment my 2 kids realized all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings.”


This hilarious children’s innocence could make anybody laugh. Do you have more funny moments you caught in a photo?


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