14 People Who Found Gems Where They Least Expected

2 years ago

A day on Mercury lasts 58 days. Nevertheless, a day on Earth can also feel like an eternity if it’s full of unusual discoveries. A simple walk on the beach or in the park can, all of a sudden, become an adventure, provided you look around attentively. These 14 people had some curious encounters, and we can’t help but do a double-take.

Bright Side was as lucky to find the photos as the people who discovered these gems in the first place.

1. “Saw these large box-like shoe things. Turns out it’s a Subbuteo costume.”

2. “This leaf that has lost its skin”

3. “A forest dining room”

4. “This colorful cat at a local shop”

5. “A beautiful sap formation from a cashew tree”

6. “Meanwhile, in Costa Rica...”

7. “Baby snapping turtles look just like little dinosaurs.”

8. “Found this glass-like tube ’shell’ washed up on a beach. It’s actually a stingray tooth.”

9. “This weird caterpillar I found outside my house”

10. “The white sweet potato has a purple inside and the purple sweet potato has a white inside.”

11. “This is what broccoli looks like if you don’t harvest it.”

12. “An egg my chickens produced — it’s known as a soft shell egg and is caused by low calcium levels.”

13. “In my country, you can get water in bags.”

14. “I’ve never seen a pair of dress shoes with split toes.”

What unusual things have you found recently? Where did you find them?

Preview photo credit Inherent_Nice / Reddit


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That water bag! It's in India too, I thought it was quite common.


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