15 People Shared What It Feels Like to Be the Happiest Person in the World

2 years ago

Memories can be easily preserved as images, but the best moments are those that we shared with family and friends. Our old albums can evoke so many emotions that they can even make you want to turn back time to relive those special moments of your life.

That’s why we at Bright Side decided to highlight a few stories from people who had the chance to capture a shot of their joy and excitement.

1. “Never held a baby, I’ve avoided it so my baby can be the first baby I hold, today I got to hold my baby.”

2. “My parents reunited after 15 years. They broke up after a decade because life tore them apart and now it’ll be a year back together!”

3. “Our little one came a few days early. Such a blessing and extremely thankful for a strong, healthy baby!”

4. “My daughter turned 3 today. I never got to bring her home. In the last 2 years, we’ve donated toys for youngsters.”

“This year I had enough toys to fill a truck bed.”

5. “2 years ago, I was sick, my mental health was low, and I was struggling with my weight.”

“Today, I can happily say I am thriving, physically and emotionally.”

6. “This is my sister, she left her highly demanding job to become a pastry chef in Paris. I’m so proud of her!”

“Yes, she made all that in a day in class.”

7. “My brother just self-published a children’s book for his daughter, who was born with a limb difference. I’m really proud.”

8. “I’m almost 40 and I just got my driver’s license yesterday! This is my first solo trip in my own vehicle. It feels great!”

9. “A close friend asked our daughter to name a character in a book after her, my kid was happy.”

“Today she gets a box with her own signed copy! The best day ever!”

10. “My teenage son left this for me today. I’ve been smiling all day.”

11. “My son had little experience with newborns but wanted to help her stop crying.”

“When I returned to the room, he was happily bouncing on an exercise ball.”

12. “After 32 years of life, I finally met my birth mother today. It was worth the wait.”

13. “After being a stay-at-home dad for 6 years I, a 35-year-old guy, started college alongside my son who just started kindergarten.”

14. “My mother is completely recovered. Now stronger than ever before!”

15. “Today, 25 years ago, my mother adopted me!”

What experiences in your life have brought you joy? Let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

Preview photo credit glastonbury13 / Reddit


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