15+ Times Nature Decided to Shower Us With Joy

2 years ago

Many of us stare at a screen or are stuck inside all day. Well, it might be the right time to spend some time in nature and get some relief from your daily routine. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy new things without leaving the country or even your house. And in them, we can see the diversity and vividness found in every corner of the Earth.

We at Bright Side have gathered some warm and truly emotional pictures that won’t leave you indifferent till the very last scroll.

1. “A banana that we grew”

2. “My daughter, blowing bubbles for the donkeys”

3. “Best day of my life!”

4. “My chickens greeting me when I come home from work”

5. “They’re both drinking at the same time.”

6. “This lemon I found, looking like an octopus”

7. “Today the sky in Murcia, Spain, turned orange because of dust from the Sahara.”

8. “An old man took his tortoise on a walk in my mom’s neighborhood yesterday.”

9. “Peeled this carrot and found a hidden smiley face.”

10. “An insect made perfect arrows on a leaf.”

11. “This little bat I found”

12. “Snow onion rings”

13. “Had birds come over to nest in my home.”

14. “This seemingly ecstatic orange from the health food market my sister works at”

15. “Pumba’s first puppuccino”

16. “Lil goat giving me a lil smooch”

Has nature ever made your day? Has it brought lots of joy and excitement to your life too? Please share your stories and pictures in the comments below.

Preview photo credit stitchsuperfan / reddit


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