A Powerful Story Showing How a Nasty Prank Can Bring Real Happiness

5 years ago

Kindness, compassion, and sincerity are the qualities people have always valued and will continue to hold in high esteem. Unfortunately, there are those who have different moral standards. And it’s pretty hard to defend oneself from their abuse and mockery. But as they say, “Bad luck often brings good luck.” Even the worst situation possible, can lead you to the happiest moments of your life.

With the permission of the author, Anna Kiryanova, Bright Side has published this warm and touching story which proves that there is always a place for wonderment in this world. Even if you’ve stopped believing in it.

A woman received a coconut... as a present to celebrate the holidays.

A company held a corporate event and each employee received a gift — a few of the employees had helped plan the party. Santa Claus took the presents out of his sack and handed them out to everyone, one by one. There were really good presents — a teapot, a phone case, earphones... But one woman, Vera, received a coconut. On purpose.

Vera was skinny woman, kind of a spinster, who was 43 years old. She was a very kind woman who was helpful and quiet and deep down she was also passionate and a bit of a romantic. People used to laugh at her. And that day they decided to make fun of her by giving her an absurd and useless coconut. Everyone laughed as Vera pressed it to her chest like it was a severed head. Everyone was drunk, so they felt that it was OK to laugh. One really obnoxious girl said sarcastically that this time Vera finally had someone to take care of...

Vera left the event and made her way home with this weird present. She wanted to cry like a little girl. And what made things worse was that she had no one at home waiting for her. She had even baked a pie and a cake and made a salad for the event, but she never ate any of them because she just couldn’t bear to stay there. So, she was walking down this dark street, with the coconut in her hands, and was crying bitterly about her empty life.

When she finally got home, a man who lived in the apartment near the back entrance came up to her. He greeted Vera and asked what she was holding.

Vera explained sadly that it was a coconut. That maybe it would be her dinner, but she didn’t know how to crack it open. When she was a child, she used to crack walnuts with a door but this was too big a job for any door in her apartment.

Her neighbor said that he could try to help her crack it with a brick at the construction area that was right next to their house. He suggested they go there and try.

Still a little depressed from the party, Vera followed her neighbor. They began to throw bricks at the coconut. 2 adults were standing there, throwing bricks in a construction area, in the darkness, in the middle of winter. But the coconut wouldn’t crack. So they continued to throw bricks until Vera accidentally threw one right at her neighbor’s foot. His name was Victor, by the way. After that Victor gave up. He said that he had a gun at work and that he’d bring it the next day so maybe they could try to shoot the nut. Then they’d see how tough it was! He’d cracked coconuts before, so he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t crack this one.

Afterward, they went to Victor’s apartment because at this point, after getting hit in the foot with a brick, he was limping pretty badly. There they began to saw the coconut with a hacksaw. They got so carried away with it that they even bantered back and forth, like they were little kids. Then they tried hitting the coconut with a hammer. They actually ended up having a really good time!

After that Vera cooked pasta while Victor was still trying to “mutilate” the nut. When they finished eating, they began to try to crack the nut again. They laughed, they argued, and they told each other stories from their childhood...

And at that moment they realized that they were meant for each other. They felt so good together. They felt cool like they used to when they were kids.

They celebrated that New Year’s Eve together, and all the following holidays too. And they always bought a coconut to remember the day they had met.

Vera decided to quit her job and become a wedding planner. During her events, she always makes sure that no one is left unattended, upset, or without a gift. That no one is left offended like she was with the coconut, for example...

But even a coconut can be full of surprises. It can bring happiness, love, and prosperity. Just like that.

Author: Anna Kiryanova

Do you have friends who met in an unusual way? Or maybe you have an interesting story of your own?

Illustrated by Natalia Okuneva-Rarakina for Bright Side


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What a nice story! :)
I met my best friend when I applied to university. Both of us didn't like each other, like at all. But we had a little chat about the specializations, and eventually I said "let's chose this one". To my surprise she agreed, and this is how our friendship started.


Great story :)
Teaches us that every cloud has a silver lining. I liked it.


I'm glad she left this job, it was not worth it with such colleagues. Though, they gave her a fateful present.


I got so angry when I read how they gave her a coconut. Glad that the story ended good.


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