20+ Pics Proving That Love Is a 4-Legged Word

2 years ago

Our pets don’t make judgments about physical appearance or abilities, they don’t care how big our houses are or what we do for a living. What they do care about is the quality of our character and our capacity to love. Dogs laugh alongside us with their tails, cats purr away our depression and sadness, and guinea pigs can breakdance — and these are just a few examples of how much joy animals can bring to our lives.

The Bright Side team couldn’t help but break into ear-to-ear smiles while looking at these awesome joy-machines whose wet noses may as well be happiness buttons. And we’d love nothing more than to share this feeling with the whole world.

1. “She just bit my finger and I was not happy about it!”

2. “When I adopted Penny from a shelter 10 years ago, she was scared and aggressive. Today, she is the most loving cat I have ever met.”

3. “My twin cats meeting their new baby brother!”

4. Visual instructions on how to grow a huge pile of love in just 4 months

5. When your friends ask you not to look at the person behind you:

6. “My friend’s corgi ate pumpkin seeds, pooped them out, and they started growing. Here she is, sitting next to her work.”

7. “Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella’s food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally complain about it.”

8. “Our Persian cat staring at our new pup”

9. Say cheese!

10. A mother’s love

11. The ladder of cuteness

12. They grow up so fast!

13. The proudest mom

14. “Our 9-year-old Goldendoodle got her first grooming. Our other dog barked at her when she came home.”

15. “My dad made the guinea pigs a picnic table.”

16. “Charlie meets with his sheeple...”

17. Warm cuddles are harmful to work productivity.

18. “Going somewhere, human? Don’t forget to pack a good boy!”

19. “My cat and my roommate’s dog are so sweet together.”

20. “Got some treats, boss?”

21. “Day 3: They still think I’m a duck. I mean, quack...”

22. “They have some curious sleeping arrangements at Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary.”

23. They cuddle to keep warm.

24. Looking for shenanigans together

25. Frenchies blossom when it’s warm.

26. Perfectly aligned for sunbathing

27. “This is Daisy and Luna. Daisy doesn’t like car rides so Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep.”

28. “Check out this kind bun-bun consoling my friend when she was a wee lass.”

What’s the special trait that makes you totally in love with your pet?

Preview photo credit cedii25 / Reddit


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#8 is just soo funny i just cannot stop giggling like a child?


My dog has a turtle friend. We usually see him during our early walks to the park. So funny to see them side by side :p


bunnies are so cute!! I had one when I was a kid in my granny's farm :)


This angry Persian cat, OMG ?

I can feel the anger coming through the picture


I love the expression on the 2 cats on picture 3... You can just see how curious they are but also try to be careful because they are clearly scared

2 years ago
This comment came alive and ran away.
2 years ago

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