15 Pics of Pets That Can Warm You Like a Thick Blanket

2 years ago

If you ever get woken up by someone’s heavy breathing early in the morning, don’t worry, it’s most likely your dog staring at you while you’re sound asleep. Even though they’re masters at it, pets are not only good as alarm clocks. According to research, they can lower anxiety, help lower blood pressure, and boost our immunity.

Bright Side prepared a compilation of 15 pics, and while it might not boost your immunity by looking at them, they will certainly put a smile on your face.

1. “My cat loves my wife so much. Here she is, cracking the biggest smile in her arms.”

2. “Our cat, Ada, gave birth 2 days ago.”

3. “My girl and my boy snuggling”

4. “Peaches smiles when she sleeps.”

5. “My wife was in the shower. He hadn’t seen her in 3 days.”

6. “I woke up with my kitty hugging my arm.”

7. “My son comforting his best friend at the vet”

8. “My cat brings me a present before bed every night as a way to say she loves me. Tonight she decided to bring me her favorite stuffed hedgehog.”

9. “The faces my baby guy makes when he feels the breeze on his snoot.”

10. “I mean, who could say no to him with those eyes?”

11. “Getting my son a kitten was one the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

12. “My sweetest boy and I share a birthday and every year we celebrate together. 35 and 11 today!”

13. “All this time later, and my Freddie still loves his sloth.”

14. “Our cat cuddling the (formerly) stray kitten that he befriended and brought home.”

15. “I’m recovering from surgery and they won’t leave my side.”

Do you have pictures of your pet? Share your favorite one with us.

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