19 Generous Pets Whose Life Motto Is “Humans Go First”

2 years ago

We all like to pamper our pets by buying treats and toys for them. If they could speak, they would definitely thank us for it. Still, our 4-legged friends find ways to express their appreciation for their owners and their love, not by words, but by deeds. Some of them share their favorite belongings, others bring their prey, and some even bring other pets home.

We at Bright Side are eager to introduce you to generous animals who don’t feel stingy about doing anything for their owners because they’re ready to share the last piece of food with them. The bonus feature will remind you that even those with feathers remember all the kindness they get.

1. “Found this old pupper wandering the streets and I returned him to his home. He brought me his ducky as a thank you.”

2. “Some cats bring their humans birds and mice...my kitty brings me teabags.”

3. “My cat brought me a present.”

4. “These shoes aren’t mine. My dog managed to get out today and brought home this collection. Now I have to try to return them all to my neighbors. If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.”

5. “My cat brought me a rock. She is an indoor cat. I don’t know where she got it.”

6. “My dog brought me a leaf.”

7. “My cat brings me socks whenever I don’t pay attention to her to try to win my approval.”

8. “My dog escaped. Showed up at the front door with unopened nachos.”

9. “My cat brought this plastic bird home today.”

10. “Our dog always brings me a toy when I get home. Today he brought me my husband’s lip balm.”

11. “My cat has a cleft palate. It helps her to hold onto straws she’s brought back from the hunt. She looks so proud.”

12. “Threw my dog a ball and he brought me this instead.”

13. “She brings me something every time I walk in the door.”

14. “My wife and I started feeding a stray cat. He likes to bring us presents, normally it’s a mouse, or a chicken bone, etc. Today he showed up with this, no idea where he got it.”

15. “Lola, my grandmother’s dog, brings her blanket to you if she likes you.”

16. “My cat keeps bringing a candy cane to my door. Ted, Christmas is over, let it go!”

17. “She brought me a marshmallow.”

18. “Our black cat brings us the occasional bird as a present. Then there’s this doof. We don’t own a badminton set.”

19. “Meet River, he likes to bring his bear to you anytime he wants to say thank you.”

Bonus: “A friend nursed an injured crow back to health after it got trapped in her courtyard. These are some of the things the crow has been bringing her as apparent gifts.”

Are your pets generous as well? What was the last thing they brought you as a sign of love and appreciation?

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over time my son & l fed roughly 5 generations of Magpies. They'd always bring their families to play in our yard as they knew it was safe & they'd be fed. Some of the silly things they'd do would have us in stitches & they'd bring all sorts of presents as thank you's.
They would even follow my son home from school and would protect him from bullies. if you want to be safe from Magpies...feed them..


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