15 People Who Know How to Impress Others, Leaving Us All Saying, “Wow!”

2 years ago

In order to impress someone, you have to surprise them in some way and give them something that they didn’t expect. The pleasure that comes from unexpected surprises is so dominant in our brains that we literally jump with joy. And there are some people that are incredibly good at creating these kinds of situations for their loved ones, and they even manage to shock complete strangers.

Bright Side gathered 15 surprises that definitely impressed others and, in some cases, left them in tears.

1. “My friend’s baby announcement is pretty fresh.”

2. A girl flew in to surprise her boyfriend only to find out that he had done the exact same thing.

3. “Told the Meals on Wheels lady that I love their gravy. Day made.”

4. This man came back from the army and surprised his parents by jumping out of the car.

5. “My husband couldn’t have pets growing up. When we bought our first house, I got him a little surprise.”

6. “Last week, my girlfriend flew 700 miles in an ice storm to surprise deliver a pizza to me. Bought the outfit and everything.”

7. “Came home to an early Valentine’s Day surprise from my girlfriend.”

8. “After breaking my fingers, the nurse asked what color I wanted my cast to be. I told him, ’Surprise me.’”

9. “My father has early-onset Alzheimer’s. I brought my new dog home for Christmas this year, and he said, ’I know I’m going to forget a lot, but I’m going to remember this dog for a long time.’”

10. “This was my mom’s priceless reaction when she walked into her surprise birthday party. She told me it was her only real birthday party since she was 11 years old.”

11. This girl was holding her stuffed dog when her mom swapped it with a real puppy.

12. “Husband’s birthday surprise 2.0”

13. “My grandma received a surprise today. It’s a birdhouse that’s an exact replica of her house, inches to feet.”

14. “Upon arriving at the airport, the passenger luggage was nowhere to be found. Instead, gift boxes filled the conveyor belt with the passengers’ names on them.”

15. This son surprised his mother on Christmas Day.

“My grandmother has congestive heart failure. She has 7 children — 6 boys and my mom. Her oldest son has not been able to visit for years. It’s been so long that my grandma didn’t recognize him when he came to surprise her for Christmas this morning, but her reaction, once she did, was beautiful.”

Do you know of any surprises that would bring tears to other people’s eyes? If so, please go ahead and share them with us.

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