20 People Who Made Us Wonder If They Should Go Back to Design School

3 years ago

Some designs are just a little, well, different, and they’re just proof of someone with special talent. Even so, we can say that some of these designs have at least one purpose — to make us laugh.

We at Bright Side wanted to show you a collection of the funniest design fails, so get ready and enjoy the ride.

1. “These are stairs in my town. Just...how?”

2. “No broken legs that I know of...”

3. “I’m a grocery delivery driver. This is what I’m confronted with in a block of apartment units. ”

4. “The paper in this sliced cheese makes it look like it has mold spots.”

5. “The benches are tilted and have no drainage system, so the water just sits there for days after a rainstorm.”

6. “It’ll leave a weird taste in your mouth...”

Well, it is not edible, it belongs to the bathroom, why should anyone taste it


7. “A bag of apples with a character on it that got poisoned by an apple...”

8. “Steps that you can’t see”

9. “Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the ’comation’ point...”

10. “Imagine cleaning a fan so well that you uncover 2 new blades!”

11. “2 windows at my work are always fighting for the honor of being opened.”

12. “These barriers designed to prevent cyclists from passing through...”

13. “The raised cutout of this ceiling doesn’t allow the fan to suck in any air.”

14. “The pockets on women’s trousers”

I couldn't understand why people wanted these giant phones while my little Nokia could fit in any pocket. I only switched in 2020.


15. “My parent’s bathroom is on a platform next to an angled ceiling so you hit your head every time, and it has a telephone.”

16. “You have to guess how much you need ahead of time.”

17. “This water bottle has markings to show you how much liquid is in it, but you can’t see through the bottle.”

18. “Walked up this, then had to turn around because of these useless railings.”

19. “When your security gate is a ladder”

20. “Door? No! Window? Also no!”

Which design fail had you laughing out loud? Do you have a funny one to share?

Preview photo credit kprincess / Reddit


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ahahaha the pockets in men's jeans are bottomless. I mange to get my phone, keys and eve some money in those 🤣


#12.. Not they are not. They're designed to slow bikes down ahead of the corner.


lol my grandma's bathroom also has a wall phone, but it's pink. It also has no buttons to press. No idea what it's there for.


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