15 Photos That Prove Having a Twin Sibling Is a Double Blessing

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2 years ago

Growing up with siblings is simply amazing. You have a perfect partner in crime and a very special someone who is always up to all sorts of shenanigans. And if you’re truly lucky, you get to spend your childhood with your twin sibling and share a very special bond that lasts a lifetime.

We at Bright Side have to admit we couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous as we looked at these twin siblings whose love and care for each other is so strong, you can feel it through the screen.

1. “My twin sister and I both married our husbands and had a twin wedding.”

2. “Different in so many ways, but they share the exact same level of weird.”

3. “My twin brother and me — we have always worked the same job and are now attending the same college for the same degree.”

4. “Here’s my twin sister and me at a concert in matching handmade shirts.”

5. “Gonna be 60 this year.”

6. “And just like that, we’re another year older.”

7. “39-year-old identical triplets”

8. “The third pregnancy my twin sister and I have shared — crazy twin luck, right?!”

9. “My bro and me at a recent music festival, peace and love!”

10. “This is my mom and her twin back in the ’80s.”

11. “Can you tell the difference?”

12. “This is how Halloween went for my identical twin and me.”

13. “My womb-mate and me, still going strong at 34 years”

14. “Identical twins x 2”

15. “My 4-year-old twins made this picture. They call it ’Best Friends.’ Twin life is so crazy but so special.”

Do you have a twin brother or sister? Do you think twins have a stronger sibling bond than others?

Preview photo credit WyronBang / Reddit


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