17 Photos Showing How Sometimes Things Magically Blend In With Their Environment

2 years ago

Accidental camouflage is something that can happen and does happen on a daily basis. These occurrences are usually hard to notice at first glance, and we need to concentrate our eyes in order to see them. But eventually, we do see them, and life becomes a much more entertaining puzzle that we have no problem solving.

Bright Side would like to know how long it would take you to find something that had blended in so perfectly with its background.

1. “This beauty is my valentine.”

2. “It took me a good 5 minutes to find her.”

3. “Dropped my wooden guitar pick on wood floors.”

4. “Okay, but where is the storage bin?”

5. “Hidden in plain sight”

6. “Nothin’ to see here.”

7. “I didn’t know this sweater came in a chair.”

8. “I am the chosen one by nature.”

9. “Time for an afternoon snooze.”

10. “This car across the street”

11. “Almost squished this guy into the carpet when I got home from work.”

12. “I accidentally photographed a spider, I only realized it once I was at home.”

13. “This guy’s shoes at the hospital”

14. “My ceiling fan looks like it’s missing a blade in the right lighting.”

15. “It scared my cousin.”

16. “Can you see her? It’s my friend’s dog in her dog bed.”

17. “There’s a cell phone in this photo.”

Have you ever spent multiple minutes, if not hours, trying to find something because it had blended in with its environment?

Preview photo credit KeoniNoGo / reddit


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