15 Girls Who Proved Gaining Some Weight Can Bring True Happiness

2 years ago

When we hear someone is facing weight issues, we usually imagine a person suffering from extra pounds. Few of us actually think much of slim girls. However, there are others who dream of gaining a bit more weight, and it’s an uphill task for them. But the characters in our article managed to change their body shape, thus proving that true happiness sometimes hides in extra pounds.

We at Bright Side want to share the achievements of girls who managed to gain the desired weight and became a bit happier as a result.

“Anorexia recovery: from 89 lb to 100 lb — still have mostly bad body image days but doing my best.”

“Lifting heavy weights and gaining weight can be cool. The photo shows my progress for somewhere around 8-10 months: from 140 lb to 160 lb.”

“Officially hit the 8-year mark for recovery from anorexia today! I used to be 70 lb and became 143 lb.”

“Not sure if many people can see the difference, but I can feel it, and I feel so much more confident! Gained weight from 79 lb to 105 lb.”

“I’ve been so skinny my whole life and have tried and failed to gain weight. Hit the gym and I managed to gain weight from 82 lb to 100 lb.”

“2 years later and I’m feeling healthier and happier — from 136 lb to 175 lb!”

“Same leggings, same pose, different mindset — went from 82 lb to 120 lb.”

“Here is how I worked on my body shape. Went from 123 lb to 140 lb.”

“Goodbye anorexia, let’s not meet again. I used to be 86 lb, and now I’m 130 lb.”

“It doesn’t look like a huge difference, but I’m 4 sizes bigger and a lot stronger — from 95 lb to 135 lb!”

“I feel proud that I’ve finally begun recovering.”

“Got out of an unhealthy relationship and gained 25 lb (I used to weigh 98 lb).”

“A 2-year difference — kicking anorexia one chest day at a time!”

“My 9-year transformation from being lazy and only eating Spaghettios to eating healthy and weightlifting every day”

“From starving to strong! Took me 5 years to gain self-worth (and muscle) to change my life. I used to weigh 99 lb, now I am 120 lb.”

Do you agree with the statement that happiness can be hiding in extra pounds?

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im so proud of them!!!! so felow females dont let others negtive words about your body image get to u. just be your self and ignore the negtivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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