19 People Showed Off Things That Have Been Serving Them for Years and Still Haven’t Worn Out

2 years ago

When buying something, we hope each time that it will serve us for a very long time. Of course, these expectations don’t always turn into reality. However, sometimes an old mixer we inherited from our granny ends up working much better than a new one.

The characters of our today’s article showed the things that were made too well — so well that you won’t even believe your eyes. We at Bright Side have all exclaimed, “No way!”

“Here is how my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s wallet looks from 1750.”

“My almost-antique wristwatch (c. 1929)”

“My hand mixer from the 1950s that I bought at the thrift shop for $6 is an absolute pleasure to use!”

“Great-grandpa’s pocket watch is still going strong after 97 years.”

“Have been using this iPod daily for 15 years.”

This desk lamp is 70 years old already.

“My grandmother’s oven is at least 70 years old.”

“My Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer still partying like it’s 1999.”

“My girlfriend uses this sewing machine. Her great-grandmother bought it new back in 1925. It still works perfectly.”

“This fridge from 1942, at my friend’s house, works perfectly.”

“I used this exact calculator when I was in high school and now I use it to teach high school! Going on 19 years of ownership!”

“This kettle is at least 75 years old. Still used every day.”

“Bought this in 1995 for my last year in middle school. I’m 43 now and still use it.”

“One of these I bought used 15 years ago, the other I bought new 6 months ago. Take a guess which currently isn’t working.”

“I bought a mini-stapler in 1994, now I am turning 40 soon and still using this on my work desk.”

“A good wool blanket will outlast you. This one is pre-1927.”

“I restore and collect vintage keyboards to use daily and my IBM 5251 is my favorite. It’s from 1979.”

“My 97-year-old pen”

“30 years ago, I received this as a gift from my grandparents. Today, I get to pass it on to my son.”

Do you own things that could complement this compilation?

Preview photo credit MrWAMozart / Reddit


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