20 People Who Didn’t Expect Much but Hit the Jackpot Anyway

3 years ago

Whether it’s unusually-sized fruits or vegetables or unique items we find in the thrift store that are worth big bucks, we can’t help but feel satisfied, as if we hit the jackpot. It’s a special kind of feeling, and we want to tell everyone about our amazing finds.

Bright Side found some people that wanted to share their lucky experiences with us.

1. We wonder how much avocado toast we could make from the one on the left...

2. “There was a tiny hamburger bun embedded in my full-size hamburger bun.”

3. “A 1960s Scandinavian Pomona strawberry cutting board for $3 bucks, worth over $100!”

4. “I hit the jackpot of Pringle flavors! The whole can is like this.”

5. “This is my best find ever: a teak Modeline floor lamp for $10. It sells online for anywhere between $1,500 and $1,800.”

6. Someone found a beautiful 18k gold chain and star sapphire pendant with a diamond accent for $5.

7. “I hit the watermelon jackpot today!”

8. “Bought this framed lithograph for $60, turns out it’s 1 of 60 printed and worth around $1,200!”

9. “10 years ago, I played bass in a local rock band. Yesterday, I found my band’s T-shirt at Goodwill.”

10. “Went to the Goodwill to pick up something and saw a painting that looked just like one my grandmother would have painted. It was her painting!”

11. “Found at a local Goodwill: an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple of decades.”

12. “A $1,200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill — my coffee dreams have now been fulfilled.”

13. “This is the best find of my thrifting career: $200 worth of silver for $1.50.”

14. “Scored a vintage Gucci authentic purse for $2 — found the same one online for $650!”

15. “A Navajo rug I found at Goodwill — I got it for $1.49. Other rugs by the same weaver are valued at a minimum of $2,500!”

16. “Scored this $30 mirror at Goodwill and found out it’s worth $1,200!”

17. “I got lucky today and found all these Polly Pockets for a total of $4!”

18. “Silver wildflower engraved serving cutlery — I paid $15 and it’s worth $1,051.”

19. “This beautiful Gunne Sax Vintage Renaissance dress, which was priced at $10, was mine for just $5. It’s worth around $200.”

20. “Found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5.”

What was your luckiest find? What’s a special item you’ve gone on the hunt for?

Preview photo credit Canonconstructor/reddit


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