Celebrities Are Sharing Old Photos of Themselves, and We Are Speechless

4 years ago

Some might say that time travel is impossible. But we believe that there is at least one effective method to transport you to the past. All you need to do is just open your photo album and let the memories rush in. Celebrities were spotted taking a look through their old photos too.

Bright Side noticed this and picked out 14 photos for you. Some of them will make you giggle, while the others are impossible to look at without going, "Awww!"

14. Chris Pratt reminds us of a Chucky doll in this photo.

13. It's not hard to see Adele's potential from childhood.

12. Melissa McCarthy was a comedian from the beginning.

11. Will Smith — you are a legend!

10. Michelle Trachtenberg is charming at all ages.

9. Orlando Bloom — the pirate of hearts, then and now.

8. Gal Gadot is adorable at any angle.

7. “Alright, alright, alright!”

6. 13-year-old Katy Perry wanted to be a pop star and her dream came true.

5. Ben Stiller — 3 crazy nights at the museum later.

4. Flashback to the dark side with Christina Aguilera.

3. Mark Ruffalo did not look like the angriest superhero in his teens.

2. Mandy Moore reflects on her hairstyle, “How could I have ever thought this was acceptable?”

1. Jack Black has had quite the transformation from a boy into a mature man.

Which photo impressed you the most? Do not forget to share this with your friends! And share your old photos with us, we are so curious!


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Jack Black was very adorable when he was a little boy. Though, his beautiful brown eyes stayed the same charming :)
I didn't get through a recognizable transformation since my childhood. I sometiems even feel I look almost the same as I used to look when I was 7 y.o.
What about others?


Melissa McCarthy is my favorite comedian. She was adorable then and now she is even cuter. Love her :)


Glad that Christina Aguilera changed her image. She looks so good now :)


Will Smith was so adorable in the childhood! He has developed his charisma with the years, though :)


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