12 Celebrities Who Reacted to the Paparazzi in the Most Ingenious Ways

9 months ago

Living constantly in the crosshairs of a journalist’s camera is rarely something people enjoy. It pressures individuals into thinking they always need to look perfect, if only to prevent the press picking up on the tiniest deficiencies in their appearance. Celebrities often react aggressively to people taking pictures of them without their permission. But there are also those who manage to deal with it with a sense of humor.

We at Bright Side put together a collection of photos of those stars who know how to deal with the paparazzi better than anyone else.

12. Harrison Ford

11. Uma Thurman

10. Jim Carrey

9. Ryan Gosling

8. Benedict Cumberbatch

7. Katy Perry

6. Gerard Butler

5. Dustin Hoffman

4. Simon Cowell

3. Bruce Willis

2. Grant Gustin

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Preview photo credit Splash News


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