22 Photos That Prove the Power of Human Spirit Can Do Astonishing Things

4 years ago

Our life can't go perfectly - each of us has to face certain difficulties at some point. Some people enjoy facing challenges while others suffer through situations against their will. But in any case, only the power of spirit and determination can help you to overcome any obstacles in your way. Without these, you'll just helplessly go with the flow.

Bright Side gathered 22 photos of people who were able to face their fears and became even stronger for it. Get ready to be inspired!

A participant of a motocross tournament

This man is trying to walk a 500 m long high-line in Castle Valley.

A woman diagnosed with cancer is fighting her disease with extreme mountain climbing.

This traveler is ending his 49-day crossing of the Atlantic. He was all alone on his boat the entire time and had to navigate the waters for 16 hours every day. He set the world record!

People of the Guizhou Village had always dreamt about having their own source of water. Thanks to this man's perseverance, their dream became real. After 36 years of hard work, people dug up a 9,400 m water channel.

After years of night school, raising a family and working full time, the power of this man's spirit helped him to finally graduate from school.

Months of training and a will of steel helped a former dancer regain mobility, forget about her walking stick after an amputation, and be able to dance again!

Mountain climbers resting on El Capitan.

A photographer is taking risks by photographing a venomous banded water cobra so close up.

A diver and a tiger shark near the northern Bahamas.

A ballerina is resting after an injury.

Mountain climbers are conquering the glacier of Everest, risking a collapse at any moment.

A mother with a kid on her back is working in the rice fields in Vietnam.

A participant in the Austin Marathon is crawling across the race’s finish line.

A 13-year-old girl suffering from a rare disease had always dreamt about meeting the players of one of the biggest football teams in Turkey. Her dream came true.

Boundaries don't exist if you fight for what makes you happy.

As a child, this woman suffered from cerebral palsy and doctors didn't think she would survive. But her willpower and athleticism helped her overcome the disease.

Which story was the most inspiring to you? Share your stories with us in the comments.


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