How These 12 Beauty Queens Who Made Charmed Millions Looked Then and Now

11 months ago

Numerous ambitious women have soared to success throughout the years, earning the prestigious beauty queen title. The illustrious Miss Universe pageant has seen more than 60 victors and has drawn thousands of contestants to its stage. These remarkable individuals have followed diverse paths, delving into professions like modeling and acting, and a considerable number of them continue to shine brightly in the public eye, even as time has passed.

1. Priyanka Chopra

2. Sushmita Sen

© sushmitasen47 / Instagram, Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA/East News

3. Megan Young

Phil Loftus/Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS, © delosreyesjason / Instagram

4. Ksenia Sukhinova

5. Alicia Machado

© East News, Grosby Group/East News

6. Rolene Strauss

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/East News, © rolenestrauss / Instagram

7. Pia Wurtzbach

8. Hika Nakazawa

9. Gal Gadot

10. Zuleyka Rivera

11. Lynda Carter

12. Aiswarya Rai

Aging gracefully is a true art. We enjoy watching our favorite celebrities enter different changes in their lives, change and develop themselves. Do you also get inspired by this? Make sure to read another similar article we prepared for you!

Preview photo credit East News, Philippe Perusseau/KCS/East News, East News, Grosby Group/East News


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Some of these women actually look better even though time has moved on. But there are a few that are really showing their age.


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