I Spent $1MILLION on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Barbie Doll

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Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo Alves and dubbed a ’human Ken doll’, has undergone many cosmetic procedures to change her looks. From countless nose jobs to ’cat-eye lift’ surgery, Alves has tried it all. Her efforts finally paid off, as she has recently vowed to stop going under the knife for good.

Jessica Alves has always felt insecure growing up, so she decided to turn to plastic surgery.

Born Rodrigo Alves and assigned male at birth in Brazil, Jessica later confessed that she always knew she was a girl. Her fascination with Barbies started in her early years when her grandfather bought her the dolls. Alves grew up as a shy child, and she often felt insecure about her looks. Later, as a young adult, she decided to undergo plastic surgery to fix the issues she had with her body.

By 2018, she was dubbed a human Ken doll and had spent half a million on cosmetic procedures.

Vandeville Eric/ABACA/Abaca/East News

By age 35, Alves had undergone countless cosmetic treatments that, according to the TV star, totaled over $500K. At that point, Alves still went by the name Rodrigo and her blonde hair and chiseled looks earned her the nickname ’human Ken doll’. She had spent thousands on procedures known as ’cat eye lift’, several nose jobs, and figure enhancement surgeries.

AP/Associated Press/East News

In 2020, Alves revealed that she was trans and went ahead to get gender reassignment surgery.

In 2020 Jessica Alves decided to come out to the world and revealed that she identified as a woman and would be undergoing gender reassignment surgery. “I’m known as Ken, but inside I’ve always felt like Barbie. For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six-pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms, but I was lying to myself. I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind,” Alves confessed.

Until now, Alves has spent a staggering $1 million on plastic surgery but vows to stop going under the knife.

After announcing that she was transgender, Alves got additional body modifications to have a female-presenting body. She removed her abs and donned a curvaceous figure, plump lips, and an even smaller nose. By 2023, the total amount of money she had spent on cosmetic treatments over the years went up to an astonishing $1 million.

However, it looks like Jessica Alves is finally content with her body, as she recently revealed she was “100% done with plastic surgery”. And went on to add: “I look amazing and feel amazing. I love being a woman, and I take pride in it. Growing up, in my mind, I had long hair and a voluptuous body shape, and today I am the woman of my dreams.”

Jessica Alves is far from the only influencer who went under the knife countless times. Dalia Naeem, a 29-year-old woman from Iraq, has also been dubbed a ’human Barbie’ for her unusual looks.

Preview photo credit truly / Youtube, AP/Associated Press/East News, jessicaalvesuk / Instagram


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