9 Eye-Opening Photos We Wish We’d Seen in School Textbooks

2 years ago

When you finish school and learn the necessary skills at work, it seems that no further studying is necessary. But there are people who never stop learning and researching the world, in detail. Some people see how certain chemicals react when they come in contact and some see how mold is searching for food.

We at Bright Side are really happy to find these photos and want to share them with you.

Slime mold searching for food

“A man blew a small hole in his throat by holding his nose & closing his mouth while sneezing. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks.”

The reaction of aluminum and mercury

“A salt crystal I found at Salar de Uyuni”

“An image of the GPS tracking of multiple wolves in 6 different packs around Voyageurs National Park shows how carefully the wolf packs avoid each other’s territory.”

A sperm whale has a special spermaceti organ that is located on the bones of its skull. The organ contains an oil that allows better echolocation. Some scientists even say it assists in controlling buoyancy.

“Calcium buildup in a water pipe we had to replace”

Elysia chlorotica, the first animal that uses photosynthesis like plants.

When a frog eats a firefly:

What other impressive facts have you read recently?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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