17 Comics That Show What Disney Characters Would Be Like in School

9 months ago

If we’ve learned anything from school, it’s that classrooms are full of very contrasting personalities. Among our classmates, we’d find the most brilliant student and the laziest one. We even shared desks with the class clown who made us laugh but was undoubtedly a pain for teachers.

Bright Side imagined situations Disney characters might be in if they attended school together. Many of them would be, at least in their teachers’ eyes, the villains of the story.

1. The Evil Queen wouldn’t be a good or diligent student.

2. Rapunzel would escape with her hair as if the class was a tower that kept her prisoner.

3. Aurora would be the student who always falls asleep in class.

4. Not even the Genie’s magic would save Aladdin from a bad grade if he didn’t study!

5. Without a doubt, Belle would be the most intelligent in the class.

6. Beast would even have enchanted school supplies.

7. Surely, Lilo would be late for school with her elaborate excuses.

8. Stitch wouldn’t be a good student.

9. Ariel still wouldn’t know combs existed.

10. Many students would love to have Violeta’s power!

11. Mulan had better not take Mushu to school.

12. Cinderella would never stop cleaning, not even to study!

13. Anna would talk to the pictures in her books out of boredom.

14. Merida and Moana would have an A+ in physical education.

15. There would be a lot of clever students...almost too clever.

16. There would be students who would stand out in art, and others, like Merida, who, well, not so much...

17. Maybe teachers ought to keep the windows shut.

What kind of student were you during your school years? Tell us if you were one of the smartest ones or the kid who’d never get caught with their nose in a book. And if you have any funny stories from your time as a student, we want to read about them!


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I love these, except maybe Cinderella. I mean, it's not like she LOVED to clean. She was forced to do it!


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