“I Feel So Bad for My Body,” Bella Hadid Gives Us a Rare Look at the Disease That Changed Her Face

7 months ago

Bella Hadid has always dazzled us with her beauty, but few know the health issues she has been fighting. In a candid video, the supermodel revealed how a diagnosis has been causing her to wake up every morning feeling anxious and in tears. Keep reading to discover the unexpected challenge that has been haunting Bella Hadid.

Bella revealed her struggles to her fans.

In this video, Bella Hadid gives her fans an update on her dental health. She films her face from different angles, showcasing her natural beauty without makeup. However, her focus is on the area under her eye, which is inflamed and causing her discomfort.

Bella shares that she has been suffering from an infection that has been spreading underneath one of her teeth. She had initially thought it was the same tooth she had gotten a root canal on a year ago, but a visit to the dentist revealed that the infection was underneath an adjacent tooth.

She and some family members have another disease.

Bella explained that the infection was spreading and causing a low-grade infection in her jaw. In her own words, “If not, it was going to take me out!” This infection has been particularly challenging for her, given her ongoing battle with Lyme disease.

Bella was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, along with her mother and brother, and the infection has caused her Lyme to flare up, attacking various parts of her body, including her jaw, spine, and nervous system.

Bella advised fans to prioritize self-care.

That’s Bella and her mother in the photo above. Bella urged her fans to listen to their bodies and take care of themselves, as any physical or mental change can trigger a relapse. The inflammation in her jaw has been particularly difficult, and it has become increasingly aggressive, causing her to seek medical attention.

Despite the challenges she is facing, Bella Hadid is trying to stay positive and finding ways to cope. In a recent update, she shared that she has good and bad days but feels better when riding horses. She also revealed that she started 2 rounds of antibiotics and is getting the problematic tooth extracted to heal the infection.

Her disease caused anxiety and changed her appearance.

Bella revealed that most of her pictures and selfies look a certain way on a normal basis when she’s flaring up due to working a lot, experiencing stress, and dealing with Lyme disease. She explained that her skin changes color, she breaks out randomly, and she experiences lethargy, chronic anxiety, and a lack of motivation or purpose.

Bella Hadid previously shared how her diagnosis impacted her mental health, as she revealed in a 2022 Vogue interview that she would wake up every morning feeling anxious and in tears. She would cry alone at work and in her hotel room, without showing anyone her struggles. Watch her TikTok video below.

Bella’s willingness to open up about these issues is inspiring and reminds us that celebrities are not immune to health struggles. It also raises awareness about Lyme disease and the importance of taking care of one’s physical and mental health. We can only hope that Bella finds relief from her symptoms and continues to share her journey with her fans.


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