20 Pics That Can Evoke a Hurricane of Happiness in Your Soul

2 years ago

Happiness can be inherited by kids from their parents, according to scientists. In a study, many pairs of identical twins were compared, and the result is fascinating: as it turns out, around 50% of the twins’ happiness came to them in their genetics. Today’s article is meant to add to your stash of joy so that you can generously share it later with your nearest and dearest.

Here at Bright Side, we have a special mission to make all people on the planet smile. We’ve prepared 20 tender pics that will make you feel overwhelming delight and satisfaction. Let’s take a look at these moments together.

1. “Today, my dream came true.”

2. “Law books: $1000, stacking law books so my kitten can watch fish swim: priceless!”

3. “My daughter was born on 2/22/2022, and I couldn’t be happier.”

4. “Just got back from Madagascar.”

5. “Look who my friends ran into this weekend (he always wears the same outfit)!”

6. “After 50 years of marriage, my grandparents renewed their vows yesterday.”

7. “I haven’t seen my grandparents this happy in years (youngest cousins’ surprise visit).”

8. “My granny is celebrating her eighty-sixth birthday.”

9. “Knowing that I get to spend forever with my best friend (and eat pizza together forever)”

10. “I made a doghouse for my neighbor’s dog after finally being fed up with seeing it sleeping in the rain with no shelter for years.”

11. “I can finally fit back into the dress I made 3 years ago.”

12. “My girlfriend’s cat was reunited with the basket he was brought home in.”

13. “My grand pop needed to be cheered up. I think the dog did the trick!”

14. “Getting ready to sing ’Purple Rain’”

15. “My sister just became ’The Fittest Woman on Earth.’”

16. “As a single mother, working a minimum wage job, hearing: ’It’s what I always wanted, Mama,’ made all the overtime worth it.”

17. “Made a hammock hanger for her for our anniversary, seems like our cat enjoys it too.”

18. “We found this gem while cleaning out our grandparents’ house today. This is a picture of them 14 years ago.”

19. “After almost 8 years of infertility and 7 miscarriages, this morning we finally got to welcome our daughter into the world!”

20. “First Father’s Day!”

What is the photo from your family album that rings happy bells for you each time you look at it? Who is the person that makes you happy? Tag them in the comments!

Preview photo credit WesleyTheS****r / Imgur


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