15+ Times People Spared No Effort to Make Their Moments Special

2 years ago

The kindness we show ourselves and extend to others is a vital task to overcome challenges life throws at us now and then. And each person has their own way of cultivating joy and fostering well-being. Some would do it by practicing self-care, some by showing compassion, and others resort to creativity and humor to make their moments exceptional.

We at Bright Side have brought together 16 times when people decided to spice up their moments, and they’ll also make your own day shine a little brighter.

1. “25 years apart: my mom and me, same dress, same age”

2. “Always in love with this man and this dress, whatever my size may be.”

3. “I was sponsored to wear a bright pink bridesmaid’s dress to raise funds for an association. I’ve raised $2,407.49.”

4. “I found a really nice memorial on a walk today.”

5. “Enjoying the new lamp I bought for my dining room this evening”

6. “I’m in my mid-thirties and these are my birthday nails for the weekend.”

7. “My 6-year-old’s idea of a nice photo”

8. “My buddy and me at Disneyland 2007 vs 2021, a 14-year difference”

9. “My recursive cat”

10. “My cousin was born on Leap Day, so she decided to get a kid’s cake for her ’fifth’ birthday.”

11. “My girl’s home office is epic.”

12. “I built my girl, Schmuffin, some steps so she can get in the bed and cuddle me!!”

13. “In 2019, my wife and I had our dream Harry Potter wedding, and it was the best day ever!!”

14. “My partner is obsessed with The Matrix, so we dressed up for the fourth one.”

15. “I went to a LARP birthday party today as an Amazon warrior.”

16. “My friend’s pants are so stiff, they stand on their own.”

What do you personally do to jazz up your daily routine? We’d be happy to read about it in the comment section below.

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