15+ Animals With Features That Seem More Like Glitches in Nature

2 years ago

Breeding and selection would be really hard without any natural processes. For instance, we would never get to see and admire little cuties like Munchkin cats if not for the right dominant gene. And while such dwarf cats are characterized by their very short legs, scientists and pets themselves show no reason why they can’t live a full, happy, aww-worthy life.

Bright Side has found many other fancy features that make not only their owners but this whole world quite a special place to be.

1. “Farley has a little extra bite right now.”

2. “This is Georgie. He is 2 months old and was born with 6 toes on each paw.”

3. “She’s a polydactyl and has 6 toes on each foot.”

4. “This is our new wire-hair pointer puppy, Rudi. We brought him home today.”

5. “A golden retriever puppy with 6 toes came into this vet office.”

6. “My husky had to get his arm shaved at the vet. He has spots underneath.”

7. “My dog’s butt hair grows in a heart shape.”

8. “An eastern fox squirrel with an unusually white tail”

9. “This is Jeffie and he has a unique face.”

10. “Ahsoka is growing into a beautiful, unique pup.”

11. Otters can also be born albino.

12. “This otter has an arrow on its nose.”

13. “Kajsa and her beautiful green eyes”

14. “Found in Ojibway Park, Windsor, Ontario”

15. “This albino frog chilling with its pond mates”

16. “My dog’s eye”

17. “I found a tiny extra claw underneath my cat’s regular claw.”

18. “A gold dust day gecko with 2.5 tails that I found in Hawaii”

Would you take a pet with any unique features home with you? Why? Have you seen any furry or wild beauties yourself? Please share your thoughts and stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit SneakyIndian87 / reddit


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