16 People Who Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes With Their Findings

2 years ago

Someone once said, “One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life is allowing ourselves to be surprised.” Because no matter how much you’ve traveled and read, there will always be things that you know nothing about. And instead of pretending like you know everything, just allow yourself to get excited.

Bright Side collected 16 photos that will please your eyes and surprise your brain.

1. “An eco-friendly fork I got with my salad”

2. “The way this snow curled off my chair”

3. A Police tricycle in Germany

4. “You can lock up your skateboard by this library.”

5. “Found a Narwhal in my bird bath this morning.”

6. “This rooster is chilling in the middle of the city where no one raises chickens.”

7. “My grandma packed my grandpa an orange in his lunch. He forgot to eat it, and now it is 35 years old.”

8. “A flower vending machine in Denmark”

9. “Coconuts as cones around fresh concrete”

10. “This pool I saw today that has been turned into a giant planter”

11. “A year’s worth of bacon grease”

12. “A 25-year-old Smartie”

13. “My mom bought this ‘tiny ice cube’ tray.”

14. A giant Ponderosa lemon

15. “Person in my neighborhood grows veggies out of the trunk of their car.”

16. “Got given a measuring tape without measurements.”

Do you wish to have found any of the things shown above? Or maybe you have stumbled upon something you think the whole world would be interested in seeing.


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# 3 is fake, it spells as like as PO ILCE would do in English.


Also, Po ILCE isn't how we spell PO LICE in the states ;)


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