20+ Naughty Kids Whose Parents Seem to Have Mastered the Zen of Shaolin Monks

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3 years ago

home where kids live knows nothing about silence and boredom. Children’s mischief can shock and knock even the calmest parents off their feet. A painted laptop, toys in the toilet, and footprints on a white carpet are just a small part of the surprises that can be found when you live together with young researchers.

Bright Side adores children for their sincere emotions and thinks that they really do have something to teach us, as adults. There’s also a bonus in the end: a child whose patience and tenacity have no limits.

“I was about to do laundry when I got distracted. So my daughter just put a couple of my monthly salaries inside a washing machine.”

“Opened the fridge to find out that my 3-year-old decided to help me put the eggs in it.”

“You get what you ask for. I asked my 13-year-old grandson to put the green beans in the pan for dinner. And, he did!”

“I’ve just been told the cats did this...”

“My daughter told me her knee hurt and that she needed a Band-Aid. She also didn’t want to take her tights off. Apparently, this made things all better.”

“Gave my kids my old Toy Story toys from when I was little, only to find them this morning like this.”

“Went for a walk with my daughter. She couldn’t have been more excited.”

“Asked my student to complete the maze.”

“My son trying to hide his phone from me during virtual learning”

“Sometimes I don’t even know what to say. Went to the toilet. Not sure how long this has been there.”

“Can you find my 2-year-old?”

“My kid won’t eat her eggs because they have ’dark spots.’ Yeah, that’s the fork.”

“So my son decided to make a bowl out of a watermelon to eat cereal today instead of using a clean bowl. I can’t even be mad. This is hilarious.”

“Instead of just letting us know verbally that she woke up from her nap, she thought she needed to wave at us from under the door until she got our attention.”

“This is why we can’t have nice things...”

“My kid microwaved a Cup-O-Noodle. Without water. Plastic wrap still on it. For many minutes.”

“This is what my 2-year-old daughter did. I love her so much!”

“While the world is buying toilet paper, my toddler is giving ours a bath.”

“When you find your pants in the toilet after asking your toddler to help you with laundry”

“Take Your Child to Work” Day, a saga

“My mom made me a pan of brownies for my birthday, and my son insisted on carrying them on the way home. Got back and somehow they ended up with a giant footprint in them.”

“Can’t find your remote? It must be somewhere reasonable like inside your kids’ ukulele.”

Bonus: “The way my daughter is waiting for me to get ready. She always sits like this and sometimes I feel guilty.”

Is there some mischief your child has gotten into that you’ll never forget?

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haha the beans :D I swear it takes more effort to do it like this... he could have just done it properly


I feel bad for that last kid :D she looks so done with everything and she hasnt even started yet


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