26 Photos That Documented Seemingly Impossible Things

4 years ago

"This can't be!" we want to scream this every time we see such strange or even unexplainable things. These Internet users managed not only to see something like this but also capture it.

Bright Side has collected for you 26 pictures that show things you might only see by some incredibly lucky coincidence.


I'll have a cheeseburger with no burger...

You still don't believe in evolution?

Grass that grew right on top of a road sign.

The thing on the right is lemon.

"My plate broke right into halves."

"I tried to buy band-aids and cut myself on the package."

Just 2 questions: how and why?

The wax dripped and formed a perfect column.

Something went totally wrong.

Nothing special, just a couch with a socket.

How did the headphones get tangled up in a perfect knot?

Did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles throw a foam party?

"I left these two water bottles in my car overnight: one of them froze, the other did not."

"I found a wasp without an abdomen."

This extractor hood extracts nothing.

This must be the Snow Queen's prank.

Where's the cabin?!

I would give $100 to know the backstory.

It's a lemon and orange tree at the same time.

This chick has 4 legs.

"A friend of mine ran into an electric pole. The car flipped over and the pole kept hanging in the air."

Here what we call the will to live: a plant breaks through the carpet on the 5th floor of an apartment building.

The sap oozing out from the back of a wooden chair.

Some letters of this announcement didn't fade in the sunlight.

"I've found a plant that breaks through a mint candy."

Which photo amazed you the most? Do you have something this unusual in your photo collection?

Preview photo credit coL_Merchant / twitter


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