18 Fathers Who Deserve a “Father of the Year” Award

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4 years ago

It’s often said that whilst you always feel safe with mom, it’s very interesting to spend time with dad. Perhaps, it’s because many men remain children at heart throughout their lives, and so they like goofing around — just like the guys in this compilation.

Bright Side presents you with the 18 top fathers from around the world.

18. This doesn’t make him any less masculine

17. Roles can change from time to time

16. The best pillow in the world!

15. When parents have a great sense of humor

14. There was no other place available!

12. What happens when dad was put in charge of costumes

11. “My daughter begged me to buy her a horse. I had to save up the money for a long time.”

10. “My wife said that everything suddenly went quiet. I looked up from my laptop to see this.”

9. Don’t tell your mother!

8. It may be safer with mom, but it’s so much fun to be with dad!

7. Nice job

6. And Ryan Reynolds continues to do what he does best

5. “When I was a child, my father took this photo of me and said that it would come in handy one day.”

4. This guy’s daughter laughed so hard that the entire airport could hear her

3. “My dad always got us so high.”

2. This dad is great.

1. No tears at all!

So, how did your fathers surprise you?

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