20 People Who Embraced Their True Selves, and the Results Were Stunning

3 years ago

Sometimes happiness goes beyond losing or gaining weight, finding the perfect job, or achieving big goals. Sometimes, it requires a more drastic approach. There are some brave people who felt trapped in bodies that didn’t feel like their own, and they found the strength and courage to change that — and the results absolutely speak for themselves.

Bright Side would love to show you 20 spectacular before and after pictures of people who became their true selves, and it changed their lives.

1. “It’s been 5.5 years since I started my transition — time flies!”

2. “This jumpsuit has seen some things!”

3. “I can see genuine joy in my face now.”

4. “A 5-year difference!”

5. “I’m 38 and have my flaws, but I’m happy. BEST DECISION EVER!”

6. “I’m 49 years old and so happy I transitioned. I still can’t believe it’s real.”

7. “From someone who absolutely hated being in front of the camera to the (literal) selfie queen!”

8. “Today marks 5 years since I started HRT, which is absolutely unreal to me!”

9. “Really happy with how far I’ve come!”

10. “7 years on HRT (2014-2021)”

11. “Now representing the 30+ transition club!”

12. “’Global warming will keep making the winters hotter.’ I now present to you, the winters.”

13. “I must say, I have become a happy woman for sure!”

14. “She was always in there, she just needed a little help coming out.”

15. “I’m coming up on 3 years with HRT.”

16. “3 years of HRT!”

17. “Just FYI...this isn’t even my final form.”

18. “20 years between these pictures. I’m 42 now.”

19. “A little over 2 years on estrogen!”

20. “My face says it all!”

Which one of these pictures impressed you the most? Have you ever had to go through a big change in your life so that you could be happier?

Preview photo credit SylviaDelRey / reddit


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Sorry, but this seems to me like the exact opposite of embracing your true self. :(


Truly stunning to see brave people pursue their own comfort, bliss and happiness. Brava!


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