15 Pics That Prove That the Best Things in Life Are Timeless

2 years ago

Time is not an unstoppable force bent on making your back hurt and giving you a few gray hairs. Scientifically speaking, time does not really exist how we perceive it. As our favorite physic superstar, Einstein showed us — space and time are fluid and relative. They are affected by gravity and your speed. The people below are not scientific geniuses (maybe some of them are, we are not sure) but they totally echo that sentiment: time is nothing but a very persistent illusion.

Bright Side wants to share with you 15 pictures that truly remind us that some of the most heartwarming and wholesome things are unscratched by the passing of time.

1. “One of my mom’s favorite pictures recreated a quarter-century later for Mother’s Day.”

2. “My sister and I accidentally wore very similar clothing in a recreation picture 5 years later without any planning.”

3. “Me and my son: same tux, 30 years apart”

4. “My brothers and I recreated a photo we took 16 years ago. We had our own BASEMENT WRESTLING league.”

5. “Decided to take some time and recreate a photo of my mom in the ’80s.”

6. “Recreated my great-grandmother’s 1918 portrait”

7. “I found this polaroid of my dad shortly after he passed a year ago. I finally recreated it today.”

8. “I got photos taken of me and my 13 year old dogs to recreate some old ones for Christmas.”

9. Some sweet lazer childhood blast from the past.

10. “My college housemates recreated our favorite photo at my wedding, seven years later.”

11. “My dad and I recreated a photo of us from 1995.”

12. Son and dad doing a little photography time-traveling.

13. “My fiancée and her cousins recreated this gem of a photo. Everyone should want to be looked at like her cousin looks at that biscuit.”

14. “A picture of myself as a baby (1996) and myself now”

15. “Every year, my siblings and I recreate our Christmas Juice Box photo, this is year 12!”

Have you ever recreated a photo from your childhood? Was your attempt successful?

Preview photo credit etan_pecan / Reddit


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