16 Times People Were Lucky Enough to Capture Something Unique

2 years ago

The first photo of a human was accidental, which proves that random shots are the most memorable ones. These users caught the best moments on camera that are impossible to recreate. Who knows, maybe their masterpieces will go down in history too, just like the photo from 1838.

Bright Side is showing you 16 photos where either the timing or the things themselves were perfect.

1. “The last picture of Hand Banana before he licked me on the face. You can see his intent.”

2. “This is Betty and she hates every single one of you.”

3. “Happy New Year.”

4. “My husband captured this photo of my dog and me. It perfectly describes the partnership I’ve built with her!”

5. “I promise she’s not getting electrocuted.”

6. “The question mark made from the light through my front door”

7. “My husband thought installing these blinds would stop cats from jumping on a windowsill.”

8. “My partner clips horses for a living, this one is pretty awesome.”

9. “My friend’s family is kitten-sitting for a while. Brutus looks very perturbed about his new roommates.”

10. “This insect that looks like an alien”

11. “Sometimes Noodle prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge.”

12. “Why take a drive when you can become a Disney princess?”

13. “This snowman in my neighborhood is apparently defying gravity.”

14. “Anxiously awaiting toy retrieval...”

15. “My brother’s camera flash went off while I was taking a photo, splitting it in half with light.”

16. “This seagull is about to catch a fry (featuring some funny facial expressions in the background).”

What is the rarest moment you’ve ever captured? How often do you take pictures?

Preview photo credit quasimaster / Reddit


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