19 Pics That’ll Give You All the Feels at Once

2 years ago

study suggests that positivity and optimism can have an impact on our physical and mental well-being. And people from all over the world show us that no matter what they are dealing with, things can be better. That’s why we admire these people and their attitude which, even in the face of the worst possible scenarios, remains happy and full of hope.

Bright Side would love to show you that even the bad times in life can turn out good eventually, and we hope that you will feel all the feels, but mostly happiness and love!

1. “He finally trusts me enough to sleep in my hands.”

2. “This is Jax, 13 years old and can’t walk very far, so we got him a sled for our winter walks!”

3. “Friends took me out to the sea wall. It’s tough finding friends to take me out with my condition.”

4. “Today was my last day of chemotherapy!”

5. “Growing up, I used to get my butt kicked for being ‘girly’. Dad, if only you could see me now.”

6. “I adopted this good boy in March, and to celebrate his first birthday I arranged a playdate with his littermate!”

7. “My grandma turned 100!”

8. “This little baby (Cider) was finally adopted from the Humane Society of Marshall County!”

9. “My wife and I don’t have kids yet so we take our dog out to look at the lights. He absolutely loves it.”

10. “Getting it updated was a bureaucratic nightmare, but the little piece of plastic does feel great.”

11. “My dad’s wedding band had been missing since his passing. Last night, my son found it in the cushions of dad’s favorite chair.”

12. “For 15 years, she was my best friend, and then I lost her back in May. Yesterday I got my first tattoo to remember her.”

13. “My girlfriend’s brother is very much on the spectrum. I asked him to help me decorate the Christmas tree. I’m the one with the beard.”

14. “I asked my neighbors on Nextdoor to help me provide basic-needs items for homeless students and look what they sent!”

15. “I’d been struggling with depression and anxiety for a couple of years and gained a lot of weight.”

“Scout saved me and I owe her my life.”

16. “My mom has been crocheting Freddy Mercury dolls and auctioning them off for cancer research.”

17. “Grandma has Alzheimer’s and she’s excitedly asked to look at my nails about 5x tonight!!! Cute!”

18. “I haven’t seen my dog in a few days, this was his reaction for 5 minutes straight.”

19. “My girlfriend’s cat decided the new puppy was okay last night after 2 months of keeping his distance.”

What is one picture on your phone that can always brighten your day and fill you with happiness? We would love it if you shared it with us and everybody else!

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